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Children from the Nutrition Center
Children from the Nutrition Center
Children from the Nutrition Center
Children from the Nutrition Center
Children from the Nutrition Center

Welcome to a new partnership!

Our mission is to build and nurture relationships as partners in Christ within our communities by empowering people through education, faith, and economic development

Economic Development

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I. Emphasize Relationships

A true partnership implies the building and nurturing of a relationship over a period of time that transcends one act of working together (such as a project), or of sending a series of checks. If the partnership is based solely on resources, then the partner with few material resources is excluded from
full and mutual participation. When the relationship itself is highly valued, it allows for mutual participation and transformation, and all are invited to participate equally, as we all have the ability to love and pray and be present to one another. Partners learn from one another and should be based in a
spirit of mutuality and equality

II. Respect Local Organization and Planning


Efforts to rebuild its own structures and programs will be more effective if there
is more cooperation and less fragmentation among organizations and programs. Parishes and
other groups around the world that are engaged in partnering relationships are urged to keep their local bishops informed about these initiatives and ensure coherence with the pastoral plan for the local parish. No building activity should be undertaken by Church partners without the approval of the local bishop and, if applicable, the religious superior.

III. Practice Mutuality and Equality


Ongoing and mutual giving and receiving, learning and teaching are essential for global
solidarity partnerships. True mutuality allows each of the partners to function from a place of strength.
Each must acknowledge the valued role of the other. It is important to intentionally incorporate
opportunities for ongoing dialogue, planning, assessing, challenging, and reflecting together. 

IV. Support Responsible Local Leadership


The true measure of success of any global solidarity partnership is not how many wells were dug or clinics held, but whether the capacity of the local community to lead its own development is
strengthened. The goal of any partnership should lead to sustainable development, according to needs of the local Church, and should be designed to reduce the need for outside help. 

V. Promote Transparency and Accountability


It is expected that leaders of the partnership will carry out their roles in an honest, transparent and responsible way. Transparency and accountability are essential for strong global partnership relationships. All partnerships should be characterized by open sharing of
information so that mutual trust can be developed. Funds provided to partners should be used in a manner consistent with donor intent and the results of the project should also be reported to the donors. 

VI. Work to Promote Greater Justice and Peace 


Global solidarity partnerships can provide the experience and the understanding of challenges facing a country. Partnerships can enable local partners to participate in their own country’s decision making,
and to enable those in other parts of the world to participate in donor government policymaking in ways that promote the best interests of the people in their partner’s country and meet their needs most effectively. Participation in efforts to promote more just policies is a valuable dimension of the partnership experience. 

VII. Seek to Give and Receive, Learn and Teach


True relationship is a constant give and take. We all bring something to
the table and we all have poverties that need to be addressed. In fact, our
poverties are an invitation to another to share their gift, affirming their value and
contribution. Above all, this requires a spirit of humility, recognizing that we are
mutually interdependent and in need of each other. 

VIII. Deepen Our Faith by Experiencing the Universal Catholic Church


Our partnership calls us more fully into St. Paul’s image of the Church as one Body of Christ, with many unique parts offering different gifts, but possessing unity in Christ. We are challenged by our partner’s witness of faith amidst adversity. As we come to know brothers and sisters of faith from a culture other than our own, we learn new ways of understanding the Scriptures and we see new models of being a parish community


and it will be given to you; 

good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, they will pour into your lap. 

For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return

Luke 6:38

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