We have worked diligently to transform into a new organization!

Partners with La Victoria, Inc., was created in 2015 to build and nurture relationships as partners in Christ by empowering people through education, faith, social and economic development.

In October of 2015, Partners with La Victoria, Inc., dedicated a trip to bring together people in the community for a seminar and community meetings. In order to develop and organize leaders from the community, as partners we decided to form a group in La Victoria that will work with Partners with La Victoria, Inc., as equals, to develop relationships, identify needs, and execute projects that will help the community as a whole in a sustainable way.

Currently the leaders from La Victoria are organizing themselves, meeting every week to discuss and evaluate ways to function as a group that can make progress in helping the community. They have formed committees that correspond to our the committees within Partners with La Victoria: Faith, Education, Social Development, and Economic Development.

The next step is for the La Victoria community leaders to start selecting projects and ideas, and then work with Partners with La Victoria, Inc., in developing those ideas to make lasting changes. These projects have a better chance of succeeding if they come from the people living in the community that will be working on them and receiving benefits from the efforts. We hope to have the list of the top priority projects by April 2016, and we will start engaging people for help making these projects a reality.

Thanks so much for your love and passion for La Victoria! Please pray for the community leaders in La Victoria and for our organization as we move forward with change.

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