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Our most important project is to have loving relationships with one another! 


As we work towards enriching our relationship with the people of La Victoria, we will continuoslly have many conversations within our organization, our parrish, and the people of La Victoria in order to support initiatives that align with our principles, which are based on helping each other to develop and maintain our dignity while assisting with projects that have long-term sustainability. 

Nutrition Center "Niño Jesus"


The Nutrition Center was started on September the 8th, 1990 to feed and nurture children between the ages of birth and 5 years.  The children admitted to the center are diagnosed as at-risk for malnutrition or other health related problems. 


In 2009, the First Lady of the Dominican Republic, Dona Margarita Cedeño, who is a member of the Schoenstatt laity, agreed to build a new Nutrition Center on the grounds of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary Sanctuary in La Victoria.  Upon completion, it was furnished with desks, benches, chairs, school supplies, etc. 


Today the center functions as a pre-school for over 100 children, providing nutrition, basic medical care and evaluation, hygiene, early education, transportation to and from the center, and plenty of love for the kids. In addition to providing care for the children, the parents are strongly encouraged to attend educational seminars provided by the Sisters.  They are instructed on care for their children to keep them healthy, safe and strong.


The Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary have been running the center for over 25 years with love and dedication. Most of the operational expenses of the nutrition center are provided through the generous support of the parishioners of Nativity Catholic Church in Brandon, Florida, and Partners With La Victoria, Inc.

Leadership & Organizational Development


In 2015, we dedicated a trip to bring together leaders in the community for a series of meeting in order to develop and organize leaders from the community. As partners we decided to form a group in La Victoria that will work with Partners with La Victoria, as equals, to develop relationships, 

identify needs and execute projects that will help the community as whole in a sustainable way. 


Support for the Parish of San Antonio de Padua


We provide continuous financial support to the parish, which helps support the maintenane and improvement of the church and parish buildings.

Support for the Schools of Divina Providencia


We provide continuous financial support to the schools and homes of Divina Providencia, an organization run by Sor Mercedes Jorge

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